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Prevention is part of our philosophy


Prevention is part of our philosophy


Prevention is part of our philosophy



With an experience extending over 3 decades, ELMAS is the regional specialist in the material handling field and continuously develops optimal solutions for use in different sectors. All ELMAS products and services benefit from Integrated Quality and meet the most demanding requirements of customers operating in various fields.

2019 is the year when there were launched the investments in a Development and Innovation Centre, the main purpose of which is the design and development of technologies and products directly applicable in the field of lifting equipment and closely linked to the Industry 4.0 concept.

The RENAR accredited Testing Laboratory for non-destructive, spectrochemical and metallographic tests operates within the Development and Innovation Centre.



Considering the current context, in the process of manufacturing the ELMAS passenger elevators, we also focused on the safety in operation, from an epidemiological point of view.

UVECO, made by ELMAS, is a module used for air decontamination in passenger elevator cars, with the help of UV-C ultraviolet light.

Recent studies, conducted and published by various prestigious universities in EUROPE and the USA, confirm the efficiency of using the UV-C light in the fight against viruses and bacteria.

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Principle of operation

The method of decontamination using UV-C ultraviolet light is very efficient and it is used in other fields, such as the medical, food, drinking water treatment, retail, etc. fields.

The germicidal effect of the UV-C ultraviolet light (in the 254 nm range) destroys the structure of the DNA and RNA nucleic acids of microorganisms, rendering them unable to reproduce and harmless. Based on this principle, the application for 6 seconds of a 5 mJ/cm2 dose of UV-C ultraviolet light to suspended microorganisms leads to the destruction of viruses (e.g. SarsCov2) up to 99%.

There can be installed one or more UVECO modules, depending on the volume of the elevator car and the requirements of the beneficiaries. The air in the car is recirculated and neutralised automatically.

The system starts when the elevator car doors close and remains in operation after the elevator stops at the final station, for a variable and adjustable time period “T”, depending on the car volume, user requirements and the number of scalable modules attached.

When the elevator is dedicated to heavy traffic, each new closing of the elevator car doors resets the “T” value to the initially programmed value (0-30 minutes), to keep the systems active.

UVECO - Prevention is part of our philosophy


UVECO has been designed to create an optimal and safe environment for the vertical transport of people by means of elevators in hospitals, clinics, office buildings or other places with medium and heavy traffic.


The air microflora has a very dynamic component, occurring naturally from the air exhaled by the people transported by the elevator. The air microflora inside the passenger elevators is efficiently neutralised by attaching the UVECO module to the elevator car.

Installation outside the car
As the UV-C ultraviolet light is harmful to the eyes and skin, ELMAS designed the UVECO modular system for installation outside the elevator car. This system, by recirculating the air, neutralises up to 99% of the bacteria, viruses and fungi existing in the air in the elevator car, posing no risk for the people in the car.

Scalable system
The scalable UVECO module features a recirculation and neutralisation flow of approximately 28 m3/h.

High reliability
The estimated operating time of the lamps included in the UVECO module is 18,000 hours.

Modernisation kit
This module can be adapted to be fitted to the existing Elmas passenger elevators.

Automatic systems
The air in the car is recirculated and neutralised automatically.



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